Who Are We?

Vibe jewellery is a globally reaching jewellery manufacturer specialising in high quality piercing jewellery at low prices. Our products range from earrings, lip rings and nose rings, to dermal piercings and belly bars.

Our story

A Fantastic Product Range

All in a variety of styles- from the casual to the bold. We pride ourselves on keeping on top of the trends and creating designs for everyone..

Our Passion

We care about our customers, and we are committed to producing the best quality jewellery at reasonable prices. That is why all our jewellery is made from great quality materials including: gold, sterling silver and steel. This way, no matter if you’re looking for a punk lip piercing or a beautiful belly bar, you can be sure you’re getting a great product when you order from us

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At Your Convenience

Our factory is based in Bangkok, Thailand, where all our jewellery is designed and produced.

However, we have also expanded internationally; with offices in the UK and USA.

This means we can offer fast shipping across the world. Not to mention, thanks to our incredible team, all orders are packaged and shipped within 24 hours of ordering.